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YES! You can now attend a private interactive internet demo of THE CONSTRUCTION
at your convenience.

WHY ATTEND? To quickly understand how this productive Project Management tool can benefit your organization by dramatically increasing your productivity and project control. This private internet demo allows you to see the software in action right on your computer screen. You can ask questions and receive "on the spot" answers, give comments, and make suggestions. You can even specify which modules of the program you want demonstrated so you can pick and choose what you want to see. You'll also want to attend because opportunity is knocking - and being as smart as you are you won't want to miss this great opportunity.

AND THE COST IS? Nothing. Nada. No Cost. That's right - it's FREE!

WHAT'S THE CATCH? No Catch. We simply want to provide you with the most current information on our product in the most productive way possible so that when it's time to make a decision on project management software, you have the required information to make an informed decision.

HOW DO I SCHEDULE A DEMO? Easy! Just call 941-286-4196 and schedule the time most convenient for you, and/or your boss, your co-workers, your satellite offices, and your jobsite personnel. Everybody just mentioned can attend the demo at the same time from their respective computers! If you prefer you can send an e-mail to Richard Rackl at Richard@cmsoftwareinc.com requesting an interactive internet demo. Be sure to include a phone number with area code where you can be reached to confirm the scheduled date and time.