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CM Software, Inc. was founded in Overland Park, Kansas in April, 1994 by Richard and Mary Rackl. Rick, who has 16 years experience in the Construction industry, most of which was spent as a Project Manager on large commercial projects, spent several months developing a software program to help him manage the enormous amount of paperwork and progress tracking required to build construction projects. Mary has 10 years administrative experience in the construction industry, and 8 years experience in Marketing.

In April, 1994 Rick began seeking investors to help him start his own construction company. While browsing through Engineering News Record Magazine one day Rick ran across an interesting ad. A construction company in Michigan was seeking a partner to open and manage a satellite office. Rick thought there might be an opportunity awaiting him and responded to the ad. Rick met and interviewed with the President of the Company. During the interview Rick showed the President the software program he was developing, explaining that among his other construction talents he could also provide the company with a unique asset by allowing the company to utilize the software program he had developed. Although the President wasn’t sold on the Kansas City market for his new satellite office, he was dead certain about the value of the software program. He offered to purchase the software, but Rick had no intention of selling the program. Instead he agreed to sell a license to use the software program, dubbed THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER to the Michigan firm. CM Software, Inc., was founded and the Michigan construction company became its first customer. CMS, Inc., has established a well known presence in the construction computing market with hundreds of “tickled pink” customers and genuinely superior products.

Richard is President of the corporation, and his partner, Mary Rackl is Vice President. Rick heads up the Sales Department and Mary oversees Marketing. Over the years the partners established sound relationships with their clients, many of whom reside in Florida. Subsequently, the partners relocated the business from Overland Park, Kansas to a larger office space in Port Charlotte, Florida in April, 1999. Since relocating to Florida, the company has added additional employees in the Technical Support and Customer Service Divisions. The partners are devoted to providing quality products and outstanding service. Based on Customer feedback and advances in technology, the partners continue to improve their product line and customer service.