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CM Software, Inc. provides Customizing Services to tailor THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER to suit our client’s needs and business style. These customizing options include, but are not limited to the following:

Company Logo Installed on all Forms and Reports  The Construction Project Manager

CM Software, Inc. will install your Company Logo on all Forms and Reports. Your Logo will be converted to a standard TrueType font. The Logo Font can also be used in any other software program by simply changing the font to your Logo Font and typing the code letters provided. Your Logo Font can be color-separated to match the current colors of your logo.

Custom Subcontracts and Purchase Orders  The Construction Project Manager

Your custom Subcontract or Purchase Order can be added to THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER. All of your standard wording is installed and merge fields are inserted to complete any variable information on your Subcontract or Purchase Order Agreements. If you provide us with a copy of your Subcontract or Purchase Order in a Microsoft Word format it can be cut and pasted from Microsoft Word into THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ very inexpensively. After your standard Subcontract Agreement has been installed you will have the ability to access the standard language in your Subcontract and make modifications if the need arises.

Adding Features, Forms, and Reports  The Construction Project Manager

CM Software, Inc., can add any custom functionality required by the end-users, including custom forms and reports. For example, we have created a custom package for the Denver School District to manage the design phase and construction phase of their projects.

Customer Access to Modify Forms and Reports  The Construction Project Manager

By opening the file with a password, our customers can access all forms and reports in THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ and change the appearance and content of any form or report. In Version 4.0 of THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ we have also added User-Defined Fields to allow new Fields to be added to Forms and Reports. Global changes can be made by accessing the Master Templates in the program so that all future projects will include the modifications. You can also make specific project changes by accessing your project files and making project specific changes to suit your clients requirements.