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THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ is a one-step approach project control system, which reduces the amount of data entry that is required to create all necessary project correspondence. For example, you only need to type the body of a letter or fax memo. All other data is selected from editable drop-down lists or keystroke shortcuts. From correspondence data entry it creates outstanding issue logs effortlessly and promotes increased project control and a pro-active management position. This software package performs the following functions to support project administration for General Contractors, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors, and Construction Management firms. All layouts and forms can be tailored to fit your needs or company policies and procedures.

CONTACT MANAGER  The Construction Project Manager

The Contact Manager stores information about all companies and contact persons you work with, including Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Vendors, etc.

    1. Automatic Information To Project file - The Contact Manager is utilized by all of the Project Management files. When you select the company's Vendor Number from a drop-down list, the Company name, address, city, state, zip code, phone numbers, and contact person are imported.
    2. FAX and Mail Invitations to Bid - For FAX and mail subcontract bid solicitation the program creates a phone book for printing of bid cards or faxing through a modem.
    3. Mailing Labels and Envelopes - Labels and envelopes are created for mailings. Layouts can be added to fit your label printing method or to fit any Avery standard form.
    4. Unlimited Contact Reports - The Contact Manager can be sorted or found by any field or multiple fields to generate special reports.
    5. Mass Mailing Letters - For Marketing letters to prospective clients, company announcements or any other large mailing. Find the Companies you want to send to and merge your letter to create a personalized letter to each recipient.

PROJECT INFORMATION DATABASE  The Construction Project Manager

This Data Base tracks all project information for marketing, estimating, historical bids, projects in progress, and completed projects.

  1. Automatic Information to Project files - When you select the Project Number from a drop-down list in any project file, it imports all of the information about that project to reduce data entry time required.
  2. Marketing and Business development - Reports and forms are provided to track all Marketing leads and follow-up calls.
  3. Subcontract Faxed Bid Invitations - Faxed invitations for bids can be sent through your Fax modem.
  4. Subcontractor Mailed Bid Invitations - Bid information is printed on 4"x6" post cards and printed through your form feed printer.
  5. Construction Release Information - Form is generated to advise the Accounting Department of the contract type and specific billing, bonding, and sales tax information.
  6. Bid and Performance Bond Request Form - A bond request form is generated to send to your bonding company.
  7. Pre-Qualification Project Lists - Automatic reports are generated for attachment to the contractor's pre-qualification statement AIA 305 showing completed projects and also current projects in progress lists.

SUBCONTRACTOR/VENDORS  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program produces Computer generated and printed Subcontract Agreements and Purchase Orders. Your custom Subcontract and Purchase Orders can be added into the system.

  1. Subcontractor Scope of Work Attachment - To generate a detailed Scope of Work description.
  2. Subcontract Scope of Work Library - Stores Scope of Work checklist for all spec sections to copy and paste to Scope of Work Attachment.
  3. Change Orders - Computer generated and printed Subcontract/Vendor change orders.
  4. Subcontractor/Vendor Report - which shows original contract amounts, change orders to date, current contract amount, scope of work, and all pertinent subcontract information. This report is an excellent way to convey the scope of work and subcontract information to your Project team.
  5. Subcontractor/Vendor Listing - shows the spec section of work, Subcontractor's name, address, phone, mobile, pager, and fax numbers. This listing is utilized to submit to the owner and architect and as a contact list for the project team.
  6. Subcontractor/Vendor check-off list - tracks the return of contracts, bonds, certificates of insurance, affidavits, material safety data sheets and final lien waivers. This form is used by the Project Team to log the return of all documents.
  7. Subcontract/Vendor Accounting Summary - that shows the original contract amount and all change orders to date with the revised contract amount.
  8. Letters of Intent - Issues Letters of Intent to Subcontractors.
  9. Sample Certificate of Insurance - Project specific sample ACCORD Certificate of Insurance form is computer generated.
  10. Contract Document Exhibit - clearly lists the contract documents that are included in the Subcontract Agreement so there is no misunderstanding about the documents that constitute the Scope of Work.
  11. Project Information Exhibit - The Project Information Manual, conveys specific project information to the Subcontractors and can be utilized as a meeting agenda for the pre-construction meeting with the Subcontractors and Material Suppliers.
  12. Subcontractor Payment Forms - The program creates Subcontractor Pay Application forms similar to AIA G702 and G703. You can specify the required contract breakdown, calculate unit costs, and create a Unit Cost report.
  13. Subcontractor Affidavits - form for Subcontractors to identify second tier subcontractors and material suppliers, for prevention of second tier project liens, and improved control of material fabrication and delivery.
  14. Final Release and Guarantee - Final Lien Waiver Release and Guarantee form for Subcontractors and Suppliers to sign and return.
  15. Avery 5161 Mail Labels and Envelopes - Sheets of mailing labels can be used for mailing shop drawings and other large items, or envelopes can be printed.
  16. File Folder Labels - Print file folder labels and hanging file folder labels for all subcontractor and supplier files.

COST ISSUES AND OWNER CHANGE ORDERS  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program tracks all cost issues between the Contractor and the Owner.

  1. Requests For Proposals From Subcontractors - Generates a Request For Proposal (RFP) to send to all Subcontractors affected by the cost issue requesting a price quotation.
  2. Requests For Proposal (List Report) - Tracks all Subcontractor responses to RFP to make sure that all price quotations are received from Subcontractors.
  3. Proposal Quotation Estimate - Provides Estimating Forms to estimate Subcontractor costs and self performed work categories for Labor, Material, Equipment, and Other.
  4. Quotations to Architect and Owner - Generates a Proposal Quotation to the Architect and Owner for review and approval.
  5. Proposal Cover Letter - Generates a Cover Letter for your Proposal Quotation to specify the terms and conditions of your proposal.
  6. Accounting Reports with Cost Codes - Generates a report to submit to the Accounting Department showing the breakdown of the Proposal Quotation with cost codes for each cost item to update the Accounting Project Budget.
  7. Owner Change Orders - By simply selecting from a pop-up list the Project Number and Proposal Quote Numbers the program generates an Owner/Contractor Change Order for signature by the Contractor, Architect, and Owner showing the revised contract amount and revised completion date. Owner/Contractor Change Orders can also be printed on an AIA G701.
  8. Cost Issues and Owner Change Order List Reports - Pending cost issue reports to expedite resolution of Pending Cost Issues. Also Approved Change Order reports are generated showing the revised contract amount and revised completion date.
  9. Notification of Pending Cost Issues to Architect or Owner - Automatically generates a correspondence to the Architect or Owner showing all Pending Cost Issues and the quotation expiration date. This form provides a location to indicate the anticipated Response Date and sign, date, and return.

PAY APPLICATIONS TO OWNER  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program calculates and generates the monthly Pay Application to the Owner on the standard AIA G702 (1992 Version) and continuation sheets similar to G703 Pay Application forms. It also includes cover letters, and partial and final lien waivers.

  1. Accounts Receivable Log - Tracks receipt of all payments, calculates amount past due, and shows payment history.
  2. Link Digital Photos - Link progress photos to your Pay Application to document completed work.

SUBMITTALS  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program schedules and manages all required submittals including shop drawings, catalog cuts, samples, owner stock materials, warranties and O&M manuals.

  1. Preparing a Procurement Schedule - Prior to start of construction, all required submittals including close-out documents can be extracted from the Project Specifications and entered into the system. All submittals are assigned to a Subcontractor and a required submittal, approval and delivery date of materials is identified. This Procurement Schedule can then be submitted to the Architect for approval and distributed to each Subcontractor showing only their required submittals. This information is then utilized by the Program to create the Transmittals to be sent to the Architect, Owner, or Engineers for approval and the return Transmittals to the Subcontractors and Suppliers.
  2. Notification to Subcontractor and Vendors of Submittal Requirements - Automatically generates a correspondence to go to all Subcontractors and Vendors notifying them of their Submittal Requirements, showing required Submittal Date, anticipated Approval Date, Fabrication Duration Allowed, and required Delivery Date.
  3. Submittal Listing Reports - Submittal Listing Reports can be generated sorted by Spec Section or by Subcontractor Name. Some of the reports include All Submittals Pending the Architect and Engineer's response, Submittals that are currently late from Subcontractors, and reports sorted by Submittal Due Date so that you can anticipate the required submittals for each week.
  4. Notification to Subcontractor's and Vendors of Late Submittals - Automatically generates a correspondence to go to all Subcontractors who are currently late in submitting shop drawings. This form provides a location for the Subcontractor to identify the anticipated Submittal Date and sign, date, and return the form.
  5. Notification of Submittals overdue from the Architect/Engineer - Automatically generates a list of submittals beyond the required approval date. This form provides a location for the Architect to indicate anticipated return date and sign, date, and return the form.
  6. Document Delays - If the Subcontractor is late in submitting shop drawings or the Architect is late in returning shop drawings, the delay is documented so that you can determine who is responsible for the delay and take appropriate action.

REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program generates Requests For Information to the Architect, Owner, Engineers, or Subcontractor with an area for response and return. It also generates a return correspondence to the Subcontractor or Supplier who initiated the Request For Information, showing action required.

  1. Automatic RFI Listing - A Request For Information listing showing the current status of all RFI's, and documents the number of days the response is late.
  2. Pending RFI Listing - Shows only Pending RFI's to send to the Architect and Owner, or bring to your progress meetings for discussion.
  3. Notification of RFI's not Returned - Automatically creates a correspondence to Architect or Owner for RFI's that have not been returned. This form provides a location to indicate the anticipated Return Date, and sign, date, and return the form.
  4. E-mailing of RFI's - Simply click a button and you can send an RFI via E-mail. The response to the originator of the RFI can also be sent via E-mail.
  5. Link Digital Photos - Snap a digital photo to document a field problem, then link and send with your RFI.

TRANSMITTALS  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program generates Project and Non-Project Transmittals to track outgoing items.

  1. Automatic Transmittal Listing - A Transmittal listing provides a record for quick, easy reference, and a history of outgoing correspondence sorted by date or company name.
  2. Non-Project Transmittal - A separate section generates Non-Project and Pre-Award Transmittals.
  3. Response Due Date and Days Late - Simply enter the number of days allowed for response and a status of Awaiting Response is assigned. Late responses are documented by calculating the number of days late.


This section of the program generates project and non-project letters, FAX memorandums, e-mail, interoffice memos, and phone conversation records to document outgoing correspondence and assign a response due date.

  1. Letters - Prints one, two, or three page Letters on Company letterhead.
  2. FAX Memorandums, Interoffice Memos, and Phone Conversation Records - Generates correspondence that can be electronically sent through your modem by simply changing the specified printer to your FAX software.
  3. E-Mail - Simply click a button and your correspondence is sent via e-mail.
  4. Letters and Memorandums List Report - Creates report showing all outgoing correspondence sorted by Date Sent or by Company Sent To.
  5. Overdue Response Report - This report shows all Letters and Memorandums where a response is overdue. This report can be viewed on the screen and shows the Company and Phone Number, Subject, Action Required, and Due Date so that you can make follow-up calls.
  6. Built-in Word Processing - With the text toolbar you can set tabs, change fonts, justification, underline, bold or italicize and spell check quickly and easily.
  7. Link Digital Photos - Link, print and send digital photos with your correspondence.

DAILY FIELD REPORTS  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program documents all field activity.

  1. Documents Daily Job site activities and creates Summary Reports as follows:
    · Weather Conditions and Working Conditions
    · Company Personnel, Manpower, and Progress Completed
    · Subcontractor's Manpower and Progress Report
    · Material Deliveries
    · Phone Conversation Records
    · Visitors to Project Site
    · Contract Extras/Back charges/Delays
    · General Comment Area to document Safety, Quality, Inspections, etc.
  2. Subcontractor Manpower Report - This report shows daily totals for all Subcontractors and Project Totals for all Subcontractors. This information can be utilized to generate productivity rates for Subcontractors for scheduling future projects.
  3. Summary Reports - A list report can be printed for any of the items listed in (a) above.
  4. Link Digital Photos - Link Daily Progress Photos to your reports.

MEETING MINUTES  The Construction Project Manager

This section of the program documents all Project Meetings.

  1. Creates Project Meeting Minutes for all of your meetings including the following: · Owner/Architect · Contractor/Subcontractor Progress Meetings
    · Safety Meetings · Contractor Progress Meetings
    · Staff Meetings · Foremen's Progress Meetings
    · User defined Meetings · Pre-construction Meetings
  2. Open Items From Previous Meeting Report - Creates a report showing all Open Items from Previous Meeting to discuss and resolve old business.
  3. Identifies Action Required - For each Item you can assign a Person Responsible to take action, and an Action Due Date.
  4. Project Meeting Historical Report - This historical report shows all of your meetings, meeting numbers, meeting date and time, and author of meeting.

PUNCHLIST MANAGEMENT  The Construction Project Manager

This section is designed to expedite project closeout and completion of punch list items.

  1. Notification to Subcontractors of Punch list Requirements - Creates a Notification to Subcontractors showing only their punch list requirements. This Notification includes a location for Subcontractors to indicate the actual date the punch list item was completed and a location to sign and date the Notification and return it to you so that you know the items are ready for re-inspection.
  2. Room Punch list Report - This report can be posted in each room showing all punch list items required to be completed in that room, sorted by Subcontractor. This report includes locations for the Subcontractor to indicate the date and initial when the item was completed. There are also locations for the Contractor and Architect/Owner's Representative to indicate the date and initial when the item was re-inspected and approved.
  3. Follow-up Notifications to Subcontractors - After the first reinspection a Follow-up Notification can be sent to each Subcontractor showing the remaining items that still need to be completed.
  4. Link Digital Photos - Link, print, and send digital photos with Punch list Items.

SUB/VENDOR BID EVALUATION  The Construction Project Manager

This section is designed to evaluate all Subcontractor and Supplier bids. From a pop-up list you select the spec section bid and the Subcontractor or Vendor Name. You then enter a budget amount, bid amount, comments, exclusions and inclusions.

  1. Bid Evaluation Report - On negotiated, design build, or construction management projects you can print a Bid Evaluation Report for review with the Owner and/or Architect, showing all bids received, sorted by spec section from low bid to high bid.
  2. Selecting Subcontractors and Suppliers for Award of Contract - Click a radio button to select the Subcontractors and Suppliers that will receive award of a contract agreement.
  3. Original Sub/Vendor Bid Variance Report - After selecting the Subcontractors and Suppliers that will receive a contract you can print a Variance Report showing gains and losses against each spec section.
  4. Importing Awarded Subcontractors and Suppliers to the Subcontractor/Vendor File - In order to save time writing subcontracts and purchase orders you can import your awarded list to the Subcontractor/Vendor file.

NONCOMPLIANCE NOTIFICATIONS  The Construction Project Manager

To improve Quality Control this section will create Noncompliance Notifications to Subcontractors or Trade Contractors for noncompliance with plans, specifications, safety, schedule, etc.

  1. Sending Noncompliance Notifications to Subcontractors and Suppliers - A Noncompliance Notification is printed to send to Subcontractors or Suppliers indicating the action required and action due date. A place is provided on this form to enter their response, the date, and their signature before the notification is returned to you.
  2. Pending Noncompliance Report - You can print a Pending Noncompliance Report and utilize this report as a reinspection checklist, or to make follow-up calls to Subcontractors and Suppliers.
  3. Link Digital Photos - You can link Digital Photos to the Notification of Noncompliance for printing and sending with the notification.

HOTLIST OF PENDING ISSUES  The Construction Project Manager

With one click of the mouse create a list of all Pending Project Issues including the following:

    • Letters, Faxes, E-mails not responded to
    • RFI's not returned
    • Submittals not returned from Approver
    • Submittals not received from Subcontractors and Suppliers
    • Cost Issues pending approval
    • Cost Issues not priced by Subcontractors and Suppliers
    • Transmittals requiring a response
    • Subcontracts and Purchase Orders not returned signed
    • Notifications of Noncompliance pending completion
      1. Pending Issues List Report - The Pending Issues List Report can be used as a "To Do" List for Project Managers, or as a quick project status report for Division Managers and Vice Presidents. This report can be sorted by the company responsible to respond, the item type, or date due.
      2. Notification of Overdue Pending Issues - With one click of the mouse create a Notification of Overdue Pending Issues to each project team member that has not responded on time. For example, this allows you to send a single correspondence to the Architect that would show all Letters, RFI's, Submittals, or Cost Issues that are pending his response.

WARRANTY MANAGEMENT  The Construction Project Manager

This section will manage all Warranty Work during the Warranty Period on all of your projects. When a Warranty call is received from the Owner it is assigned from a pop-up list to the Subcontractor or Supplier responsible for the repair. A Warranty Notification is then printed and issued to the Subcontractor or Supplier. This form contains areas for the responsible party to enter the work completed and the date completed and return the form to your office.

  1. Open Warranty Items Report - An Open Warranties Item Report can be printed, sorted by project, date due, Subcontractor or Supplier, or the type of the Warranty Item. This report can be used to make follow-up calls and for reinspection of Warranty Items.
  2. Track Warranty History to Reduce Future Warranty Callbacks - The Warranty File stores all Warranty Items on all projects, therefore, you can sort them by Warranty Type, or Subcontractor/Supplier Name to determine if there are any repeating trends of Warranty Items that can be eliminated in the future by improving quality control.
  3. Link Digital Photos - You can link digital photos of the Warranty Items for printing and sending to Subcontractors and Suppliers. You can also store photos of the completed Warranty Work.


This section of the program allows you to enter a complete construction budget or import it from your estimating software. Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, and Change Orders will automatically be entered as committed costs and compared with the budget to reflect a gain or a loss for each cost code.

  1. Subcontractor/Vendor Variance Report - After writing your Subcontracts and Purchase Orders on your project you can print a Subcontractor/Vendor Variance Report showing the budget, original contract amount, variance on each line item, and a total project variance.
  2. Job Cost Variance Report - Print a complete Job Cost Variance Report to issue to Owners and/or Architects on construction management, negotiated, or design build project. For General Contract Lump Sum Projects the Job Cost Variance Report can be used to report profit projections.