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THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ is written in a database program called FileMaker Pro, by FileMaker, Inc. The following list reflects some of the reasons why CM Software, Inc. chose FileMaker Pro over other popular databases as the database engine for THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™:

User Friendly Design  The Construction Project Manager

FileMaker Pro is the most User Friendly Database software program for end-users on the market today. It is the most user friendly database available from a developer’s perspective as well as from an end-user’s perspective.

Scalability  The Construction Project Manager

FileMaker Pro is a very scalable software program and can be used on a stand-alone workstation, peer to peer network, local area network, and works with a server or wide area networks.

Customer Access to Design Forms and Reports  The Construction Project Manager

By utilizing the unlimited password level security of FileMaker Pro we have been able to design THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ so that customers have access to all forms and reports in the program to change the look and content of existing forms easily. No third party software, such as Crystal Reporting is required for end-users to modify existing forms and reports.

FileMaker, Inc. Financial Strength and Commitment to the Future  The Construction Project Manager

FileMaker, Inc., reported in May of 2000 that they have reached annual gross revenues in excess of one hundred million dollars. FileMaker, Inc. is committed to improving the product as demonstrated by the release of FileMaker Pro 6.0 which included many new improvements such as Instant Web Publishing, ODBC drivers for connectivity with other databases, SQL compatibility and more direct integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products. There are over a thousand developers writing custom databases using FileMaker Pro as the database engine. There is currently over five hundred million copies of FileMaker Pro in use worldwide.

Built-in Word Processor  The Construction Project Manager

FileMaker Pro has its own built in word processor within the database. This allows users to run spell checks, and utilize the text ruler to set tabs, justification, and change styles, sizes and colors quickly and easily.

Winner of the Most Valuable Product Award  The Construction Project Manager

When compared with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, FileMaker Pro 5 was chosen as the winner of the Most Valuable Product award for database programs, as reported in PC Computing Magazine.