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The Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement is designed to improve customer service by providing phone, remote access and email support, and discounts for TCPM updates of the program (excluding media, handling, reinstalling custom work and FileMaker Pro upgrades). To subscribe, contact CM Software at 941-286-4196.

Maintenance  The Construction Project Manager

Software Maintenance is an allocation of the cost of continuing improvements and advancing the systems to insure they do not become outdated. In addition, maintenance is required to make minor corrections and to keep pace with the evolution of computer technology, operating systems, and other related technical advances.

Software Maintenance includes design, programming, testing, documentation, and other technical time required to improve the product.

At CM Software, Inc. we recognize that to continue our success we must listen and respond to our customers needs. Therefore, we encourage suggestions for improvement from our customers and view this feedback as being critical to the long term evolution of our systems.

Support  The Construction Project Manager

Software Support includes time utilized by a customer for phone, remote access and email support, training, installation and customizing.

*Internet Training, Installation and Customizing are available and will be charged at the current per hour rate.

*Update charges will apply for media, handling and other direct delivery costs. Media and handling charges vary with each update, based on actual cost and are currently estimated at approximately $50.00 per user. Additional charges will apply to incorporate previous custom changes to updates.

For Users added to this license during the term of this Maintenance and Support Agreement, fees will be prorated for the remaining duration of the Agreement.

Software Support & Maintenance agreements are invoiced annually, approximately 30 days before each expiration date. Failure to pay the support and maintenance fee by the expiration date will terminate the agreement renewal as of the expiration date.

*All referenced prices reflect current pricing, and may be subject to change without notice.