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Direct E-Mail From TCPM™  The Construction Project Manager

You can quickly and easily create Project and Non-Project E-Mail. After entering your data simply click on the “Send Via E-Mail” button and it opens your E-Mail software program and completes all the necessary blanks to send your E-Mail. You can also send a Request For Information as an E-Mail.

Links To Digital Photos  The Construction Project Manager

You can link Digital Photos and enter a Title and Comments for each Photo. Digital Photos can be linked to any Correspondence, Pay Application, Request For Information, Daily Field Reports, Punchlist Items, Non Compliance Notification or Warranty Item.

Electronic Signature of Documents  The Construction Project Manager

An Electronic Signature Font Field has been added to allow you to insert an Electronic Signature on your outgoing correspondence. Using Electronic Signatures allows you to install your signature on a correspondence you are sending electronically through your modem as a fax or as a PDF file attached to an E-Mail.

Project Hot List  The Construction Project Manager

With one click of the mouse create a list of all pending project issues such as RFI’s, Submittals, Cost Issues, Letters, Fax Memo’s, unsigned Subcontracts, etc., sorted by Item Type, Date Due, or Company. This can also be used as a “To Do” list for Project Managers, or a quick Project Status report for Division Managers and Vice Presidents. With once click of the mouse you can create a Notification to all Companies that have outstanding items that are overdue.

Noncompliance Notifications  The Construction Project Manager

To improve Quality Control this new module creates Non-Compliance Notices to Subcontractors or Trade Contractors for noncompliance with plans, specs, quality, safety, schedule, etc. An Action Due Date is assigned with areas to enter Action Taken and Current Status. This module will also print a Pending Non-Compliance report for follow-up calls and reinspection check lists.

Project Budget/Job Cost Variance Report  The Construction Project Manager

This new module allows you to enter a complete construction budget or import it from your estimating software. Subcontracts, purchase orders, and change orders will automatically be entered as committed costs and compared with the budget to reflect a gain or loss for each cost code. Job cost variance reports can be printed for issuing to Owner and/or Architects, on Construction Management, Negotiated, or Design Build projects. For General Contract lump sum projects the job cost variance report can be used to report profit projections.

Warranty Management  The Construction Project Manager

This new module manages all warranty work during the warranty period. When a warranty call is received from the Owner it is assigned from a pop-up list to the Subcontractor or Supplier responsible for the repair. A Warranty Notification form is then printed and issued to the Subcontractor or Supplier. This form contains areas for the responsible party to enter the work completed and date completed. The form is then returned to the Owner and/or Contractor. A Warranty log can be printed showing all warranty items, or just items pending completion.

Sub/Vendor Bid Evaluation  The Construction Project Manager

This new module evaluates all Subcontractor and Supplier bids. From pop-up lists you select the spec sections bid and the Subcontractor or Vendor name. You then enter the Budget Amount, Bid Amount, Comments, Exclusions and Inclusions. A variance is automatically calculated. After entering all bids received they are sorted by spec section from low bidder to high bidder. The Bid Evaluation report can be printed for review with the Owner and Architect or Construction Manager, on negotiated or Design Build projects. You can select the awarded Subcontractors and Suppliers by clicking on a radio button. A Buy-out report is then printed showing the gain or loss for each spec section. To save time, the awarded Subcontracts and Suppliers are then automatically transferred to the Subcontract and Purchase Order agreements.

Interoffice Memos, Phone Conversation Records, Fax Cover Sheets and Memos  The Construction Project Manager

The Letters and Fax Memos file has been expanded to include interoffice memos, phone conversation records, Fax coversheets, and memorandums for mailing.

Add Information For Persons Copied On Documents  The Construction Project Manager

Unlike Version 3.0 which only imported a Company Name when copying someone on an RFI, Submittal, Transmittal, etc., Version 4.0 automatically imports the company name and the person's name. When copying someone on a Fax memo, the company name, person's name, and Fax number will be imported.

Add Letters in Contact Manager for Mass Mailings  The Construction Project Manager

Letter formats have been added to the Contact Manager file so that personalized mass mailings can be created, along with mail labels or envelopes. For example you could create a marketing letter to prospective clients. Another example would be to mail an invitation to all Architects and Owners regarding a company party or function.

File Folder Labels for Subcontractor/Vendors and Submittals  The Construction Project Manager

After writing your Subcontracts and Purchase Orders, or entering Submittals, click a button to print Avery File Folder Labels.

Submittal Approval Cover Sheets  The Construction Project Manager

Print a Submittal Cover Sheet to attach to catalog cuts, samples, etc., that shows the Subcontractor or Supplier information, spec section and submittal description. This form will also have a location for your approval stamp and the Architect's or Engineer's approval stamp.

Improvement of Existing Modules  The Construction Project Manager

Various improvements have been made to the existing modules based on responses received from customer questionnaires.

Internet Access  The Construction Project Manager

Many of our current customers are accessing THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ through the Internet by using Microsoft Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe. The Microsoft 2000 and XP Operating Systems are preloaded with Client access License to Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. Therefore, we are delaying release of a web based companion product of THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ due to new developments in Operating System Internet Access technology. This would potentially save our clients the cost of purchasing a special separate Internet Accessible version of TCPM™.